Air Quality Monitoring

ELPC will partner with community groups and organizations to create an air monitoring program to assess levels of PM2.5 at a neighborhood scale. Volunteers within community groups will carry mobile air quality monitors during their daily routines for a number of weeks. ELPC will then review the data that was collected, identify pollution “hotspots”, and collaborate with community members on solutions that reduce PM2.5 exposure.

This effort will generate new, transparent, publicly-available information allowing ELPC and community members to advocate for improved practices and equipment at construction sites, traffic management patterns, influence public transportation operations, enforcement of local anti-idling ordinances, and allow residents to make better-informed decisions on how to limit their exposure to particulate matter pollution.

ELPC has selected the AirBeam, a low-cost, open-source, hand-held monitor for measuring PM2.5 that is manufactured by HabitatMap, a Brooklyn-based environmental health justice non-profit.  The AirBeam monitor uses LED light-scattering technology to measure fine particulate matter (PM2.5), temperature, and relative humidity.  The monitor connects via Bluetooth to a mobile Android phone application, which uploads data to an online mapping and analysis platform.


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