Chicago Residents – How You Can Help

Residents have a lot of power to impact diesel pollution in Chicago. Here’s how you can help.

In Your Neighborhood

school+bus3Chicago’s anti-idling ordinance was designed to limit bus and truck idling to 3 minutes per hour, but that standard relies on the eyes and ears of city residents to direct enforcement where it’s needed. Learn more about this ordinance.

You can help ensure that the ordinance is better enforced by noticing and reporting idling violations — and bringing lack of enforcement to the attention of your alderman. Remember:

  • Watch for idling diesel vehicles
  • Call 311 to report idling of more than 3 minutes
  • Contact your Alderman to let him/her know that you’ve seen and reported the idling violation — especially if you think the incident went unenforced
  • Share this information with your friends, family, colleagues and networks by using the social media buttons below.


Across the City

ConstructionEquipmentAnother Chicago ordinance requires cleaner equipment at construction sites for some city projects, but the standard only applies to a limited number of projects, is poorly written, and is not routinely enforced. Learn more about this ordinance.

You can help by meeting with your alderman to seek his/her support for strengthening the ordinance. Click the button below to see how.



Many people don’t know about the dangers of diesel pollution, which primarily impact children, the elderly, and those with asthma or compromised immune systems. You can help by educating your family, friends, co-workers, faith community and community members about the dangers of diesel pollution and how they too can help reduce it. Use the links below to share this website.